Eyeliner stencil from Shaperz

Cat Eye Winged
Eyeliner Stencil

Eyeliner stencil from Shaperz

SHAPERZ 100% Latex-free best stencil for eyeliner / Precision (Cat Eye / Winged Eyeliner)

₹ 399 ₹ 399  (20% discount)

Product description

  • Achieve a pro-level liner look effortlessly.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Skin-friendly material for a worry-free experience.
  • Say goodbye to makeup mishaps.
  • Customize your gradient with ease.


1. Peel the eyeliner stencil from sheet
2. Apply the stencil on your eyelid. (Adjustable)
3. Fill in with kajal, eye pencil, pot liner. And just Wing it!!!

Important information

Safety Information:

Medical grade surgical tapes. Suitable for all skin types.

Steps for Perfect Eyeliner

What you can do with Shaperz Eyeliner Stencils.
The possibilities are endless !

Create your favorite eyeliner looks, such as
the classic cat-eye and winged eyeliner in
moments, anywhere and anytime.

Get creative and experiment with unique looks such as
beautiful eye shadow gradients and colorful rainbows
without the constraints of achieving the perfect shape.
Use multiple types of makeup such as primer, cream
eyeliner, powder eye shadow and more in one sitting
thanks to the advanced Shaperz adhesive fabric.
Flexible design possibilities and freedom to create
professional looks anywhere and everywhere thanks
to the convenient shape and size of Shaperz.

Pro tips from the maker

Shaperz Eyeliner

For added drama and glam, place the eyeliner stencils a little higher on your lid. This will give you a larger canvas to work on, and will still give you the perfect shape.

Shaperz Eyeliner

To create sleek and classic eyeliner looks, place the lower arm of your Shaperz Eyeliner Stencil close to your lash line.

Shaperz Eyeliner

Make sure you tap off all excess powder while applying powder shadow to prevent untidy cakey look.

Shaperz Eyeliner

For hygienic purposes, do not share your Shaperz eyeliner stencils with anyone else.

Shaperz Eyeliner

For maximum use and perfect application, leave your Shaperz Eyeliner Stencils in their original packing until ready for use.