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Makeup Shield from Shaperz

SHAPERZ Hypoallergic Moon Shaped Makeup Sheets / Precision for Perfect Makeup Sheets

₹ 399 ₹ 399  (20% discount)

Product description

  • Say goodbye to eye shadow fallout.
  • Perfect your eyeliner effortlessly.
  • Get the ideal lipstick application.


1. Peel the perforated line along the makeup shield sheet.
2. Place it halfway on the under eye area tilting it a little.
And you’re ready to use your eye shadow, without fear of fallout on skin!!

Important information

Safety Information:

Medical grade surgical tapes.
Suitable for all skin types

Steps for perfect makeup application

Want the perfect eyeliner, eyeshadow or lipstick? It’s all possible with Shaperz Makeup Sheets. They are easy to use, easily adhere to the skin and comfortable to remove. Additionally, they are 100% latex free and work on any eye or lip, whatever your shape and size.

Prevents mascara smudges
Hands free
Self Adhesive
Eliminates Messes

Pro tips from the maker

Shaperz Makeup

Remove only the top corners to apply.

Shaperz Makeup

If you require more adhesion, remove the entire top strip. If you require less, pat the sheet on a clean surface and then apply.

Shaperz Makeup

The Makeup sheet doesn’t not need to touch the lash line. It can be applied a little lower – wherever it is most comfortable.

Shaperz Makeup

When using it to catch eyeshadow fall out, allow the sheet to crease slightly. This creates a small lip that catches the crease.